Resident Evil 5 heat spread overseas box office three-peat

“Resident Evil 5: punishment” continues its box office hot trend the board overseas box office chart top spot results of $ 20.7 million outside North America in 65 countries or regions.

Up to present, the film adaptation of the game by Paul Anderson and Milla Jovovich husband and wife team partner action films, has sucked in the overseas market of 137 million U.S. dollars. A distance “Resident Evil: God of War recycled a record 236 million at the box office record there are less than 100 million gap.


At the same time, on the weekend, the new film opening draw in the overseas market, the best record to the number of starring Liam Neeson Hurricane Rescued 2 “and Sony produced the animation wizard CTS” box office, 6.4 million, respectively, and 8,100,000. The continuation of the “Hurricane” former first tough guy action hero’s lone unbeaten routine, played by Liam Neeson agents dad was a gangster revenge, he again brought out the “special skills” to protect his family from a mysterious group persecution.
Hostel Elf “with humor and Funny temperament re-interpretation of” Gete Fan children “hero Count Dracula, Prince of Darkness, owner of Hotel Transylvania. But for him, the most important task is to take advantage of the hotel to protect their baby daughter Mawei Si. When a foreign young travelers find the hotel and lovely Mawei Si, Dad Dracula would have to use his abilities to prevent the girl and foreign young people fall in love …


It is worth mentioning that many Summer file animation rely schedule strategy to maintain a long-term box office. Such as “Ice Age 4″ new accounted for 8.7 million overseas accumulated 694 million; “Madagascar 3″ received 6.1 million overseas accumulated 423 million; Pixar’s “Brave Legend” accounted for 5.1 million overseas total to 282 million.
In addition, this year’s summer files dark horse film “Teddy Bear” Yuezhanyueyong, following the breakthrough of the $ 400,000,000 mark at the box office, overseas markets and then received 9.1 million, is the aspirations of the weekend box office champion in Hong Kong.



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On the master mark Antonioni birthday one hundred years

On September 29, 1912, Michelangelo Antonioni was born in northern Italy in the historic city of Ferrara. From the initial love architecture and drama to walk into the film world, in the life of 94 years, he was brought to Italy surprise, bring glory, also gave the world cinema and contemporary art has left a thick and heavy in colours. In July 30, 2007, when he and Ingmar Bergman on the same day when depart from the world for ever, how can we not sadly sign: a belongs to the art of film and the golden age ended, the filmmakers have meteorite, leaving only the film mottled light. Today, the Antonioni one hundred anniversary, we can only through these narrow box, to read masters have thought and talked about life.





A. Who ‘s Antonioni?

” Who is Antonioni? ” , this is a movie not ask ” layman ” problem, which is also a ” professional scholars ” cannot be easily given in answer to the question. He is a director, but appears to be more than just a film; he is a philosopher, but he does not obscure; he is a fighter, but also unlike Godard fail to show restraint; his work is not much, but each in mouth told fans; his film not simply beckoning verve the plot, but people can not forget a long time; his works can make some people fall asleep, but can let others wake … … This is Antonioni, we are difficult to him within one or two words.

Antonioni is pure, his life is the expression of the same subject, works also have unified style. Antonioni is also diverse, he never limited to some stereotypes and stopped. He is classical, and modern, he is a new realism, it is beyond the new realism, he is hard to surpass, and provide nutrients, he exists in history, but also the real touch.

When we indulge in elaborating on Antonioni from the three Film Festival trophy to Oscar lifetime achievement award of the huge success (including the 5 Venice, 4 Cannes, 1 Berlin and the 1 Oscar Award for lifetime achievement ), we seem to have forgotten the high altar is now in the once unknown to the public, or even defined as China ” the enemy “. In his later years, silver-haired Antonioni is merely a stroke after words are elderly, the deified identity behind, just a wheelchair sensitive life. The man used his works shine in the world, affecting thousands on thousands of generations in the film, when he is old, sick, passion for the cinema has never been less. At the age of 92, only the left hand to the activities of the case, also tried to shoot him, for the fans to bring the greatest comfort and encouragement.

When we calm mood, carefully looking back on those works behind the scenes, that figure will be more and more obvious. Antonioni is just a share our ideas, for life, for love, for the society; in each story, he observed and described is the world in which we live, and we lose them. Antonioni seems to always be on the sidelines, but never superior — he in the clouds, in the world. Just as he had to borrow ” the clouds ” in the mouth of the director said, ” I just a understand image .” — perhaps the words of their great appreciation of Antonioni.

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A tough time






Sylvesster Stallone, Arno Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Change Winton … These names represent an era of Hollywood action films, hard-liners golden age, it is a hormone with age, is a ” than the more muscle to hard” in the 1990s, is a tough time.

Want in those days, video and VCD be all the rage the go, Hollywood action films became fans at one’s leisure talk, walk into any home video store, on the shelf will find ” first blood “, ” terminator “, ” the rock ” the win universal praise the film. Pirated market success of the action in the domestic popular, also accomplished action heroes in the domestic reputation. Can say, action movie opened the Chinese audience know the gates of Hollywood film stars, tough guy, is leading the audience walked up to full blast, fight, gun ” front “.

However, the United States of America action film, and the new Chinese martial arts film, experienced a crazy like a raging fire, finally choked to death on its characteristics — unrestrained fighting. Like Rambo in ” first blood ” in the end, although has invulnerability, but with long-term injuries, finally withdrew from the stage of history. Those who represent the glorious era of heroes, like in the movie ” Claude Van Damme ” opening, win glory in battle, hand down numerous enemy, eventually exhausted, with scenery wall collapse, only to find everything is a game.

Computer special effects swallowed everything, now the Hollywood action film into in front of a green screen ” make threatening gestures “, when ” Simpson a ” teased Schwarzenegger lines than shot difficulty, when talk-show spoof Chuck Norris always beat the exaggerating performance action, people realize, tough muscle and star fist talking era has passed.

” Death squads ” series is not to prove that a few have the giant chicken, also do not plan to single-handedly let Hollywood used to fierce the action film. The wheel of history ruthlessly crushing all past members of death squads, reloaded, just let people once again recalled that belongs to the tough years, to find a lost love.

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The Amazing Spider-Man

” Spiderman ” extraordinary since in Sony project that day, they had a ” Spider-Man ” fan apathy and discrimination. After completion in 2007 to the end of the distance of the old version of ” Spider-Man ” trilogy of only 5 years, the adorable boy Toby Maguire as Spider-Man still fresh, so seamless to shoot a new trilogy can let a person feel Hollywood screenwriter and wits after playing stuff money that one, then, in a very bad opinion sound shooting the ” extraordinary Spider Man ” from the beginning to avoid facing the audience endless with the old version of ” Spider-Man ” were compared, however, interestingly, those from the start with the tainted glasses and 0 expectations of the audience, eventually it was in the movie idol type cast, and invincible youth plot design successfully convinced, even let ” Spider-Man ” extraordinary reputation far beyond the previous.

” Spiderman ” extraordinary most attract sb.’s attention is actor configuration. In the former have the ” Twilight “, after ” the Hunger Games ” crazy time, choose to let teenagers looking eyesore actor became decides success one of crucial factors, ” Spider-Man ” the extraordinary talent showing itself once again proved this point. And a generation of Spider-Man with Toby Maguire, although Andrew Garfield from either handsome or from adorable degrees, are not necessarily beyond the former, but he a little green smile and brow cute childish, plus two was in heaven when flying large legs, is reached ” squandering is to charming eyes ” visual effects. Especially when he put on the Olympic Games the most popular shark cortical spider suits, slightly hunched station in the sunset of the building roof overlooking New York, fully catered to young people today the most respected the decadent beauty, no wonder Garfield in series Spider-Man after an instant stardom to all the ” Twilight ” Robert Patttinson point.

But more than Garfield does of course is that he drama doubt little girlfriend Emma Stone. The old version of ” Spider-Man ” of Spider-Man and his girlfriend Dunst, since the first began, as it is at least more than 35 years old and controversial, because of its less inflow of red hair, motionless in the meat pink dress, and bent near the two rich generation style, make her really unable to become the girls’ target and boys who rolled tube object. While “rock sister ” Elmar Stone not only looks far better than Dunst, has a good taste in dress, and brave dares to love and hate the atmosphere of excellent quality, coupled with its slightly husky sexy voice, it is contemporary young people the pursuit of the ” perfect “, have to say, ” extraordinary ” make greatest Spider-Man contribution, is finally gave Spider-Man found a worthy of his girlfriend.

A good actor, then something good plot. Because directed ” and Summer’s ” 500 days and came to the attention of the new director, Mark Webb apparently in the film joined many of his best small fresh love comedy. Both Garfield and stone ‘s in love, or Spider-Man to stitch armor act loving act, and now every moment of crisis will come out of the two hundred and fifty automatic speaking, have more or less than the film, Spider-Man spider silk is free. Even as the United States of America end on the unity of the people of the main melody of the scene, but also because of their unique creativity and grandeur of the picture and the audience will be smoothly into climax. It is worth mentioning that, ” the extraordinary Spider-Man ” no longer have the old version of ” Spider-Man ” in grunt pinched between the hero and heroine love scene, not let people gnawing her type of misunderstanding, no time to the family, but in each other’s steadfast love and trust it thoroughly, even if in the heroine ‘s father died in the war, never to let the audience inner tangle of misunderstanding. The fact proves, a good love story without the need to rely on shear constantly tangled relationship problems continue, but by a different love beautiful moments in win.

Finally, the film also raised a notch is best 3D effect. Although more than God’s ” Afanda Cameron “, reach the acme of perfection, but unlike those around money false 3D to the audience increase vexation. The film did not get be personally on the scene 3D scenes, but looks comfortable smooth, not too much to highlight the effect of 3D and increase the sense of high speed photography lens, but give priority to ensuring the story complete in place, which in the popular 3D era is also one kind of people return to Shu Xin.

Overall, ” Spider-Man ” extraordinary fresh countryside, smooth stretch. There is not only than the old version of ” Spider-Man ” more filled with the atmosphere of youth, and from the ” Twilight ” the idol of your temperament, it is excellent youth idol type main melody movie popcorn, very fine, follow-up can be.

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The strongest superhero movie Hollywood star factory 25 big star

From 2002 to 2012 ” Spider-Man ” extraordinary ” Spider-Man “, a superhero movie in the world blossom everywhere, in the creation of the alarming box office at the same time, even some sentimental unfamiliar faces is pushed to the top of the Hollywood chain. The most mature industrial system and the most powerful commercial operation, to create a group from the superhero movie out of the ” super star “. They are a business ‘s box office guarantee, in the fan ‘s upside down. Someone hit summon wind and call for rain, people turn to be very influential, a magnificent turn colorful startled four, someone from the minority view into the mainstream faction. Whether the supporting characters, a villain, in their superhero movie in the image is the career the most important label, also continued in the film around the proud capital.

We can’t imagine except Robert Downey Jri, who can play iron man arrogant haughty; without Ghristian Bale, Nolan will make a batsuit who do brother Tan dark knight; Chris Hhemsworth, which ” Thor” can one act loving and sell rot? Or, if not for Heath Ledger clown madness, whose life will be changed? ” Super heroes ten years ” series of planning second to offer you this ten years from superhero movies out of 25 stars, witness: ten years ago, I don’t know you, ten years later, everywhere is you.

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Gossip girl ” the new set as G regression to Queen Lee Don Chess

Local time on September 24th, popular drama ” gossip girl ” sixth season continued in the upper east side of New York hot shot. As the final season, all kinds of personnel between the ” arrangement ” also staged more magical. In the recent exposure to studio picture, we can see the regression of the ” G Queen ” Michel Tricheberg and ” Brooklyn boy ” Payne Badgley appear together on a park bench, wearing a black coat with a feather packet G to street station, fashion beautiful attract passers-by. Queen B Leithton Meester and her first boyfriend Chess Crawford sat on the bench to talk.

In the early exposure of a group of studio lighting, we also see S and the new boyfriend sweet kiss, but more explosive is bring a group of studio photographs, ” false cousin ” Charlie has S and Lola father kisses — the show exactly how it will end, it is a curious.

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Batman: from incomplete to perfect

The film we waited too long, look for too long, 4 years, in order to get a real experience, from the movie to me to see the film before I have not seen any spoilers, refuses to read any comments, watching the film I unable to hold oneself back to write this article, know already do not read any comments, just write down my initial ideas are not mature.

First of all the three Department of.

Have to say the three together can only be used to describe the first round, like a pre-meal snacking let you on the back of the infinite expectations, second like cooking, taste unique, philosophical strongest, either from the characters or the lines are beautiful haunted, and third more like the soup, is the most primitive the food tastes, removes all decorations and direct introduction, theme, no nonsense, in addition to the bat, all fights are true.

The three film look after each other, especially in the first part and the third part, from rise to fall to rise again, is that a hole, all need to escape, a ninja master. The three together in harmony, ups and downs, even better than the king to be perfect, Nolan you don’t shoot, don’t take it destroyed, let it be so.

Secondly, on the part of the characters and actors

Said the first Batman, but this part of his character is not great, and identity are revealed, even track-mindid knows how the director didn’t know it, but track-mindid serious upstage, Wen Qing you really fire ah, read the next has said that Joseph is a very handsome, roommates thought a green will become the new Batman, so as a fan of Baer I too much to handle, my roommates were completely ignored my love Baer. The above is a complex, careful not to digress.

Why not like superhero Batman, because of his deformity, he has not been perfect, his character has a stubborn and paranoid, and his love life, he does not like other heroes are naturally accept the responsibility of saving the world, his tangled struggle thoughts, his pain you if I have too, so we will feel the hero, instead of going to see a car explosion.

Batman is suitable for Baer, Baer is suitable for Batman, Baer such an actor and not too strong lines, no fresh sunshine faces, no charming libertine breath, his face is a mystery, he always has a mystery as impish smile, he always has that kind of deep inside, is not a simple blue. He was destined for a number of movies and, without his profound film how to perfect?

Then bain. Some people may say that Tom Hadi the negative role of lack of clown ‘s personality charm. First they both have antisocial personality defects, but a more philosophical, this one is more like a psychopath, he was only in the game, in an attempt to prove that, why you are serious, his be cynical attitude to life is confusing, more attractive to us, once again had to miss Heath Ledger, by chance I and Heath Ledger now my daughter has the same English name, Heath Ledger is very impressive.

And Bain from clothing, voice, he has a purpose, he lacks the clown charm, but he is naked naked brutality, antisocial, and in a sense he is more close to life itself, flesh and blood, does not have the clown charming. In fact, once I really understand him, is normal if you can’t get love from this community, you are likely to sink or antisocial, and Bain encouraged the people’s words, let me have the feeling to the bourgeois,. But then came Bain like Miranda will … I was depressed, the villain, forehead, frontal, you know, it is good, good, good boring ah. In fact, just start I think this villain is because he is not called a modified theory is very special, later this reason suddenly let me feel this role is not plump.

When I tell my roommate Tom Hadi is a handsome guy, no one believes.

Then is the Catwoman, in fact Catwoman all version I have seen, Anne Hathaway is my childhood idol, now don’t hate or don’t like, Anne Hathaway’s speech is very good, this character is good, but feel the cat cat of a bit less, may be Hathaway too sweet sister, however overall good.

Then Miranda, amount, to Mariengo Dia in my heart belongs to the goddess level. But the figure suddenly change omen rarely, later building is not enough, so in general is a bit thin, and may therefore go Marion this goddess usually show absolutely remarkable, even if it is a dream not to mention the rose, but in this film she had the crazy and paranoid well, a bit mean. Marion ‘s own life was perfect, she is very charming, so a few this role should have that feeling, that feeling may be a character actor more easily performed.

Then police commissioner Sir Gary Oldman, from Harry Porter to tinker to today, you are already in a high standard of uncle uncle, uncle.

Finally Robin, the Luobinbi previous versions of Batman ‘s more true to life, embarrassed, Joseph continued high standard of play, is also captured many women ‘s heart.

The old play bone, needless to say. The movie starts housekeeper that let me in tears, perhaps also contains about this series is not willing.

About love

Batman this three Batman love history is attempted in two characters, RACHAEL, small, traditional sense he should girlfriend, but I don’t think Rachael worthy of Batman, she lacks a great atmosphere.

Later is Catwoman, saying in the manga, they did not in together, also not very well or not.

The amount of Miranda, in fact, I began to feel that he and Batman unworthy, but Wayne very well, not to mention Cotillard is I love the actress, they played I was HAPPY, PS Kayla and Judela Anna Cary Nina also made me happy for a long time.

This paragraph is boring…

About myself and Batman

Life for the first time after the Batman Begins insomnia is mystery, should be 6 grade at a local stations have, that evening 3 fall asleep, excited, mind kept a picture, for too long.

Since Batman from Baer himself, since many actors like Baer later became the clouds, and then read a neurotic film, then taste toward this direction; because Batman more familiar with Gary Oldman, Sirius ah; since Batman from Kay Di Holmes and Tom Curise but I am a road from marriage to see because of divorce; Batman knew Heath Ledger, and people moving your so many story; as Batman, knew Nolan; for other superhero Batman, I have no interest in.

Thank you for Batman, but always feel I Love Hero movies and novels are interlinked, thank you for this movie brings us many reflections touched, or even a friend, thank you.

From 2005 to 2008 – the mystery of the dark knight, to today’s 2012

This world not Batman, also there are few Bain, but the film ‘s dark psychology, human whether to redemption, whether to have the power of ordinary people, rich and poor how to live, how the government of humanity, the true role of what should be? There are many problems, maybe I should discuss these, but his own heavy look like.

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The Hobbit ” 1 NEW POSTER Movie or 123 minutes long

About the past ” Tolkien week ” is the Lord of the rings fans of the festival, with the novel ” the Hobbit ” and ” official 75 anniversary of the publication of the day” during coming, ” the Hobbit 1: unexpected journey ” issued a continuous mass stills, new poster and trailer and other heavy materials. September 22nd ” the Hobbit day” on the same day, the film once again issued a formal poster, Martin Freeman plays the first protagonist Bilbo Baggins handheld sting sword ( Sting ) debut, the continuation of the former two Teaser poster flagship single character design. According to foreign media ‘s new disclosure, ” Hobbit ” 1: unexpected journey time is 123 minutes, compared with the ” Lord of the rings trilogy ” – was reduced many, however, this message has not yet been the piece side confirmed.


September 21st is Torkin’s novel ” the Hobbit ” official 75 anniversary of the publication, September 22nd is the book character Bill Bo and Frodo shared birthday (also known as ” the Hobbit day” ), this week also to the whole world the fans ” Torkin week “, the biggest holiday gift is undoubtedly ” the Hobbit: 1 unexpected journey ” for up to 2 minutes 30 seconds second trailer. Compared to focus explain the story background, relaxed trailer, the Theatrical Trailer Official showed the film fantasy scene with epic verve, majestic music make Middle-earth adventure the magnificent momentum, new and old characters all appeared. The film is scheduled for December 14th to 3D/IMAX 3D format and is expected to release in North America, at the beginning of next year the introduction of the mainland of china.

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Masters Tale of the top ten science fiction movies of the the lookout altar taste classic

Amazement, ecstasy and shock initially see the sci-fi movie, do you remember it? That other films can not bring his wandering thoughts, and hearty history and a glorious, read all the documents the true meaning of the material the magical feeling I forgot. Friend of many favorite sci-fi movie, may increasingly gorgeous new century, voids, virtuoso science fiction movies the feel faint boring.

On a topic, we explore through the “Prometheus” and “ring messenger regression neoclassical pure science fiction. Issue, we will take everyone with a taste of the sci-fi film in the history of ten prominent masterful director elegance continue to name the science fiction. In the hands of these masters, the science fiction film genre has become a reflection of human nature, to the contrary, the historical and cultural tools, has also become the stage to promote technological progress, manufacturing visual spectacle. We look forward to these masters and their masterpieces, to establish a benchmark for the orthodox science fiction movies.

In the process of searching for a master, we found it difficult to find a special film sci-fi movie masterful director such as Spielberg, Cameron or Lucas has introduced the big-time director of the sci-fi masterpiece is far from adequate. . So, we set the standard: one, directed at least three more sci-fi movie and science fiction works occupy an important position in his career as a director; directed sci-fi movie masterpiece occupy a unique position in the sci-fi film in the history . Of course, there is a standard is necessary: ​​these people must be a great director, a unique style practices, a tremendous impact on the future generations of science fiction movies.

So you will see like like John Carpenter’s sci-fi / horror film director us this master list, although not with Federico Fellini, Antonioni or shoot of “Sola Rees” talco Minkowski mentioned in the same breath, but in the field of science fiction movies, with the significance of “The Thing”, “dim star”, “Escape From New York”, “extreme space” masterpiece, Carpenter undisputed place.

Unfortunately, there are still many outstanding science fiction film director failed to make the master list, such as “wishful thinking” and “Twelve Monkeys” Terry Gilliam directed another example, had shot classic science fiction film “the Earth Stood Day”, “human catastrophe”, “Star Trek” the golden age of Hollywood director Robert Wise, science fiction movies, not to mention the ancestors of George Melies …

Gentleman, list your masters is not the purpose of the topic, or we sincerely hope that everyone will in feel these gurus have science literacy as well as they build for the sci-fi movie “is” injected ” soul. ” Let these masters and masterpieces, reliving the ultimate charm of pure science fiction movies, and enjoy the beauty of pure science fiction

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” Scary movie 5 ” head exposes stills Charlie Lohan in bed.

Horror comedy ” scary ” series fifth ” scary movie 5 ” today’s first exposes the stills, Charlie Zinn, Lindsay Lohan put on the bed. The film is currently in Atlanta hot shot, this set by Malcolm D Lee directed, starred in Ashley Tisdale et al. The film is expected to release in April 19th of next year in North america.

Hollywood forever topic queen Lindsay Lohan recently another lawsuit upper. According to American media reports, local time on September 19th, because of her hit-and-run after escaping arrest by the police. Although the hit man is fine and Lindsay released soon, but it was no doubt gave her life and career are overshadowed by. Lindsay recent career get along very well, has made Ellizabeth Taylor’s biography ” Liz and Dick “, and ” scary movie 5 “, but she still seems difficult to completely get rid of the label of ” bad girl “.

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