kung fu panda 2

kung fu panda 2

kung fu panda 2

Finally a “dragon warrior” panda the treasure is a dream kung fu panda 2 days, he and figure instructors, and the five man-the tiger, dai crane, mantis, snakes and monkeys-defending the valley a quiet life. But, good time is not long, the treasure face a new, more terrible challenge, a big the wicked Lord peacock “Shen (Shen report)” has a secret, tenacious weapons (a use gunpowder and metal artillery and huge attack fleet), he tried to destroy kung fu, conquer the!!!!!

At this time, it is the treasure and gaishi five man through central China, officially meet the challenges of the time, but, how will the treasure against a “kung fu” can destroy weapons? He have to review his past, and uncover his mystery story, only then, he can release the power of the body, thus win…

Kung fu panda big sell, also let dreamworks determined the latter sequel. Dreamworks recently announced, kung fu panda 2 in 2011 theaters on May 26,, China’s domestic on May 28 th theaters. It will be a time with the cars, 2 never won a, in addition to ordinary outside the cinema in IMAX theaters, global court line and the other in the future and dreamworks animation, the movie will make the same glasses watch 3 D movie in the sequel panda bo (Po) will continue to his kung fu journey, who participated in the first set of making Jennifer Yuh Nelson will act as a director, Jack Black (Jack Black), Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie), and other original’s voice will also offer sound again.

Kung fu panda 2, the box office worldwide for us $626 million, including $215 million in North America, the box office overseas box office for $411 million. Next on 9 th kung fu panda double disc DVD and blu-ray discs will also listed, inside the special features of the new production animated short, “the Secrets of the Furious Five”.

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