Transformers 3 is expected to defeat the “cartoon Kung Fu Panda”

Super Summer blockbusters file “Transformers 3″ release in the country, Transformers fans, young people are the film’s main audience. Car people, Decepticons, Michael Bay, female underwear model a strong appeal to attract the audience into the theater. According to theater insiders, a very popular film at the box office, is expected to go beyond the “Kung Fu Panda 2.” It is understood that hot box office in major cities nationwide. Beijing UME Huaxing shop Studios head Hui Liu said in an interview, 21 zero, seven video room to store row mapping “Transformers 3.” As at 12:20 on the 20th or so, the store “Transformers 3″ zero premiere tickets sell Qi Cheng. According to preliminary statistics, about the first day box office revenue by $ 400,000, including giant-screen film hall tickets have been sold out, tickets enthusiastic audience. ”Pre-sale tickets have been to 24, with a total box office reached 6.6 million.” Although the $ 0.4 million in Japan, according to incomplete statistics, can not catch up with the theater box office results, “Avatar” 71 million Japanese box office records, but Liu Hui was very satisfied.

Beijing over the case and UME Cineplex theater close to a popular vote. Gao Jun, a senior film distributors predict, “Transformers 3″ at the box office is expected to go beyond the “Kung Fu Panda 2.”

According to already published data, “Transformers 3″ joined the Royal New enemies, laser birds and other roles. Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, iron and other scenes still more, Megatron, Starscream’s is a little something. Film implanted a number of domestic and foreign brands, such as like the first car brand, the second then “limited”, several of the world’s cars have appeared.

In addition, the film’s 3D effects how to wait for audience inspection. A domestic well-known review site to “Transformers” Trilogy ratings were 8.1,7.7,7.2. Film in North America and Europe but also gain a lot of negative comments.

After viewing audience on the network have to comment, favorable and unfavorable. Negative evaluation is: “3D is still very shocking, but is too simple, not a lot of style fight scenes, and nine cars were on the winning 200 Decepticons, the most critical factor is actually two small robots and that the play’s only woman. “” Just went to see “Transformers 3″, that no leading man in this department inside the first two then the color. “feels good audience, said:” “Change 3″ not so completely I am disappointed, really good to see, Optimus Prime is still so handsome, Hornets still cute. “” “change 3″ in a container equipped with Optimus Prime finally! previously only see a front, this time on all equipment are complete, the container can be deformed as Optimus Prime’s vehicle, could be turned into weapons arsenals, the container might not see that Optimus Prime will be greatly reduced, which is why the first two episodes has not eliminated the Decepticon cause. ”

In addition, microblogging that someone broke the news, now digital copies of some of cinema key not in place, which means that some of cinema’s digital video room will be unable to schedule the film “Transformers 3.”

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Kung Fu Panda 2 blue sports shoulder computer bag

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Kung Fu Panda 2 blue sports shoulder computer bag

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“Silence,” think about the issue of Chinese film elements necessary

cartoon kung fu panda in many Chinese elements

cartoon kung fu panda in many Chinese elements

cartoon Kung Fu Panda is still in use in many Chinese elements: the Chinese invented gunpowder, fireworks and explosives to be shaped into; China’s iron smelting technology in the film have been exaggerated display; China’s maritime history was destroyed by the power of show; the Chinese concept of family emotional context to grasp the whole movie. In addition, the beauty of Chinese architecture, landscape beauty, human beauty in the film has been part of the show. If you only look at those beautiful elements of Chinese martial arts and film to show pattern, will think this is one of the Chinese people create their own animated film.

Kung Fu Panda 2” in the animated film has won in China is difficult with some of the fashion elements: a sense of exquisite and varied picture, lifelike characters facial expressions, can be comparable to the martial arts film with live effects, live performance of the film can not be exaggerated and jump … … and even tailor-made music, highly accurate sound in the domestic animation to be difficult to see, in these modern features “Kung Fu Panda 2″ laid their mark on: DreamWorks.

World-class team of co-operation so that the film’s visual effects to achieve a close to perfect, 3D effects to those seen realistic 2D film into 3D subtitles add three-dimensional effect of the false trick proved unfounded, Mandarin dubbing is exhausted ”to force” “God horses are clouds” and other cutting-edge network fashion vocabulary, increase the film’s freshness. DreamWorks to ancient Chinese elements into a melting furnace in a modern fashion are good products – as “Kung Fu Panda 2″ in Mr. Shen into the melting pot made of iron and gunpowder artillery. People everywhere just go into hiding when the artillery bombardment, artillery culture when people call the more together the more – in some people’s abuse and blame, we should have such a mind to accept other people’s art, with “Silence,” this move to create more craving more good works in order to be worthy of the domestic audience. Two “Kung Fu Panda ‘success has given us more inspiration: no one know better than the Chinese people Chinese elements, but the Chinese film to show the basic elements are neither fish nor fowl in China, people speak out. China elements of a good thing, can not let it dressed in shoddy clothes, made off with the audience’s expectations. Chinese movies and “Kung Fu Panda 2″ in Bao, the need for haste ring dry, with a more open view to find some new models. If the two “Kung Fu Panda” is a hit in the face of slap in the face of pain, we need calm.

“Kung Fu Panda 2″ also specifically added an element of some philosophical level, to overstating the film’s content – even the big production of “visual game” and let you gain something after reading: “quiet” birth “Dynamic ”infinite power, and representation of true and false memories, and sometimes individuals have errors. Bao’s childhood memories can never be integrated with the truth once, but “quiet” gave birth to all the truth, let him become a man of truth in his hands. Film still continues, “Kung Fu Panda” on the topic of trust, “Kung Fu Panda 2″ joined on family, friendship depth of thinking. Although the story mode escape the stereotypes, but DreamWorks is worth the effort and learn to follow the domestic film industry: the business model can be thought, even as the film hero, “the headmaster” role, a sense of proportion can be as long as the master.

“Roots” became the “Kung Fu Panda 2″ as a new theme. Bao want to know their life experience to meet the Oriental mode of thinking and traditional ethics, and Bao’s move is precisely the tear film is important factor. If you see “Kung Fu Panda 2″ can only laugh, it would only read half of the film, in order to goose father’s sense of responsibility and selfless love we can cry – although the geese father sometimes we have simply ignored the small home is suspect.

Bao’s father appeared in the film’s final scene, and only said one sentence. Do not underestimate this statement, perhaps these words will be “Kung Fu Panda 3” in first sentence. This hand during the “China element” ace of Chinese film needs to be done? This is what we should be watching the movie “Silence,” and think about.

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“Kung Fu Panda”: no chance of a political conspiracy

As the dumplings, stuffing is not good on the creases. ”Kung Fu Panda,” the entire understanding of Chinese culture, style and no substance is by no means a panda can be covered, not deceived by the illusion of Hollywood theme. In fact, the “Kung Fu Panda” is the best understanding of the history of Chinese film, wrapped in the gorgeous animation, its core is about the political history of China’s most profound metaphor, rather than just a history of the panda’s personal growth.
Background of the story in a highly concentrated areas: and Pinggu. Here’s a mundane part of everyday citizens, but also superior respected ruler, and in a forgotten corner, there is a symbol of the violence of state power organs – the prison, military at least two thousand people or more.

In this country, the ruling class by the martial arts master, who constitute this science, they are high again, and living in the mountains of the Jade Temple, and even, for they have driven servants – all-duck. The supreme ruler, who is the highest martial arts – Dragon Warrior. Of course, the dragon warrior is just a formal title in the subjects of the mouth, the dragon warrior known as “master”. The word can be interpreted as the master, can also be interpreted as a King, or the owner.

Dragon Warrior here with supreme power, all the subjects they must master line gift. If we have a little bit of Chinese culture, memory, then, is not difficult to understand, dragon warrior is the only ruler – the emperor.

Now and Pinggu the emperor, is the turtle fairy elderly, he is the creator of kung fu, and it is the most supreme authority Pinggu. But he knew that deadline is approaching, we must find a successor for himself. Fairy dragon turtle will reel in the high collection dragon mouth, just as the year back up fair and square plaque storage Testament. In other words, Awa, leopard and five Man residues of contention is the right to inherit the throne, rather than a martial arts secrets.

Although the turtle fairy created the effort, even though all the people all the kung fu martial arts practitioners also thought that the maximum will be eligible to become the Dragon Warrior. But most people are familiar with the six competitors, leopard and magical five Man residues, but not into the turtle fairy stuff, leopard and even to pay the residual 20 years in prison costs.


Only one reason: they are disciples of Master raccoons.

Raccoon who is master? He is a disciple of the immortal turtle is the most famous martial arts coach, he was even called the people sincerely master. However, he is not the Dragon Warrior, not the supreme ruler. He under one person, people above. Turtles and raccoons immortal conflict between the monarchical and the relative rights of the conflict.

Although raccoons master often spotlight, though his disciples the world famous, although when disaster strikes, when raccoons master will visit frontline command, but he did not grasp the core of the power sector. Remember what the master warden of the attitude of it? ”Go back and tell your master raccoon …” Yes, this is a five-Man Master of the raccoon, the raccoon is not Tianlao master. Here is who the site is self-evident.

But the raccoons are not willing to so. While on the surface showed the absolute surrender of the turtle fairy, but secretly, raccoons master to bet on who the next heir. When he “picked up” (some people believe it?) Only when a Wu Xueqi, raccoons Master of residual leopard placed an infinite love and hope. The only disciple of the master pro raccoons, as to inherit such a large system of how approval may be immortal turtle, the turtle fairy refused to recognize the residual leopard, the official statement is the heart of the dark side of reason.

This statement refers to the oblique accusations who, raccoons heart knows best.He can only hope to seize power. Residual insurgency launched after the leopard was the turtle fairy repression, this action so that the master understood the raccoon, an attempt to seize power by force is an impossible dream. Residual leopard bloodbath and also makes the raccoon Master Pinggu itself in the private sector dropped to the lowest point of prestige.

Even so, the raccoons are still not willing to master. He considers himself a chance. This time, he was more cautious. He has trained five apprentices, in order to avoid too much focus on the target, but also to the turtle fairy form of “imperial” as well. Meanwhile, the five disciples must learn circus-style performances, to please those superstitious peace ri martial mob. Raccoons from time to master the greatest chance of winning, only to be immortal turtle Jiabeng.

But the turtle fairy trickery Sophisticated through time, already master of the raccoon can not speculate. Thus, when the panda Bao “accidental” appearance in the contest of the General Assembly, the turtle fairy decision without hesitation, this is his only successor. Raccoons master and his disciples were completely isolated in the power outside the gate.

Raccoon’s face to see at the moment, disappointed, surprised, sad and resigned, and that little bit confused.

Raccoon and his disciples, of course not satisfied with this outcome, they tried to appeal, but the answer is: It is not accidental. Mood swings in the raccoon to the turtle fairy did not realize the true meaning of this phrase, he still can not accept your attempt to change the outcome. So in the peach tree, the turtle fairy once again enchant raccoon. Only this time, the turtle fairy ascribed to expose the hearts of a raccoon that has not extinguished the fire of desire. Raccoon surprised to find their own original tricks long as the turtle fairy insight, this moment his expression mixed feelings.

Raccoons have been desperate, full of ambition that he is no longer the coach, he has completely abandoned the idea of ​​seizing power. Eager to come back to face his revenge raccoon, just know that he needed the guidance and teachings of the immortal turtle. But he did not know that this is the same calculation in the turtle fairy within. Dragon Warrior back in the election before the turtle fairy will be in the form of caution to predict the return of raccoons residual leopard, and it is sent to the eunuch Zhang raccoon master of a feather, “accidental” release of the residual leopard. But the turtle fairy always said, “No chance.”

Yes, it is under the command of the turtle fairy ordered his eunuchs to help disabled return and Pinggu leopard, leopard is not disabled, Bao how to uphold justice, there is no residual leopard, raccoon master how to give up the ambition.Things such as chess, the turtle fairy under the plate, very big. But in the fall and win a son, the turtle fairy fairy also able to safely go. After the thing, just how to accomplish this outcome Bao had been the mess it.

Later it was used a couplet to sum up this a huge chess game. Panda Bao wrote on the Union, “that you line your on the line no one can do,” second line condolences residual leopard, “said no no no trekking line” Streamer give raccoon, “not satisfied.”

Of course, this is the supposed story of the development of civil only, this does not explain why a clumsy fat panda, proudly recognized within a few days over the first master of residual leopard. Some people even as doubts the authenticity of this legend.

In fact, these Tsuneo Suzi ignore a person, that distorted the whole story of profound meaning. This person is the Panda Bao – the father, to open the duck noodle. Why is the panda’s father happens to be a duck?

If we remember, and the composition of Pinggu eunuch, yes, the plain duck. At this moment the identity of his father Bao ready to come out. A eunuch, business Noodle Restaurant at anonymity, raising a panda is not his child, for whom all this?Of course, is the turtle fairy ninety-five Supreme Majesty.

Since raccoons can master “accidental” adoptions like Wu Xueqi residual leopard only, why not send the turtle fairy raise their own trusted eunuchs to explore the genius – Bao? Raccoons in the study under the tutelage of some of the basic tricks before, Panda Bao already have a magic body care unparalleled in the world, but also learn a secret weapon – the shaman fingering. Leopard with these residues to defeat, is simply a piece of cake.

But there are still many questions unresolved, why do not directly elect the turtle fairy Bao, why not the first time when the insurgency is to eliminate residual leopard and even raccoons, so why the trouble under the twists and turns of a game of chess? To solve these problems, we must understand the turtle fairy and raccoons represent different factions can not be severed ties.

If the effort is a combination of technology and spirit, the martial arts practitioner is undoubtedly a special group of intellectuals. ”Ru-Wen random method, Xia violate a ban in force” in this sentence in the martial arts and the Confucian clearly have the characteristics of a par. The background story restore the historical heritage of the Chinese context, the turtle fairy and raccoons side is the supreme throne, on the one hand is the country’s king to systems theory – Confucianism.

Emperor sacked 100 Confucianism itself of the emperor and has cut off contact.When Confucianism became a national nature of faith, the throne itself is both dependent and Confucianism, but also limited in Confucian ethics. But, as in Western Christianity’s long struggle for the throne, we have seen, admired for beliefs is likely to produce a similar “philosopher king” is widely recognized. In China, home of the performance of the virtuous person, in “Kung Fu Panda”, the best in martial arts is to become the Dragon Warrior. How to avoid borrowing Confucian intellectuals / martial arts beliefs grab imperial power, is the turtle fairy and the kings of all efforts to resolve the issue. The solution of the difficulty lies, not only to ensure that faith tradition, but also to ensure that strict control of the throne, and will not lose its power.

The turtle fairy strategy is that we need to learn that brought the original sin of intellectuals, which is led by the turtle fairy rebel residual leopard realized, this result is consistent raccoons have been divided camp, but also have to judge people on the raccoon distrust. When intellectuals have differences of opinion, when to consolidate the position of arbiter.

On the other hand, need the myth of the supreme ruler of the will, it appears to have a sense of irreversible destiny, so that the emperor will have far less of Confucian ethics is absolutely correct. This residual release in the turtle fairy leopard, Bao debut on the performance of the arrangement of the head. Eventually even the raccoons have shown the absolute master of the subject, completely reduced to the king’s lackeys. When intellectual leaders believe that the so-called divine right of kings, when, and the people how can not the new Imperial Dragon Warrior worship, not to mention, he also from the “dragon roll” acquisition of unwarranted supreme magic, complete all the unfinished intellectual power.

All this, of course, no reason not to spread to future generations of the narrative, the turtle is seemingly magical fairy needs the legend, the myth of common sense can not explain. So, now we get to see “Kung Fu Panda” – a no accidental political conspiracy.

Audience do not understand one of the foresight, the same as their master and raccoons, just go to believe that we need to believe that the appearance of the emperor: Dragon Warrior riding flame on earth, all-powerful son of election day.

At that moment, the real king was born in the faith.

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Of those simple childhood hero

If you do not demanding the meaning of the film must have a thought-provoking, and that “Kung Fu Panda 2” is definitely a good movie!

1 effect, this is the best 3D animation in recent years:
With the “Pirates of the Caribbean 4″ compared to the 3D pit father (fuck subtitles only is 3D), “Kung Fu Panda 2″ dynamic effect is definitely the best I have seen in recent years, 3D effects. This dynamic, not only from the high level of technology, and more from the camera’s clever arrangement. Action scenes, close-range vision and the lens shift is a major feature film! This switching speed and fluidity to ensure the film’s 3D quality. This movie really do not say! I bet, in effect, this is definitely the best 11 years of 3D animation.

2 story, in fact this is a “Promise” of the story:
Bald chicken Shen princes decorated “The Promise” in the North Duke Huan-free, early age heart was hit, went to the evil imperialist road. Panda Bao is decorated with “The Promise” in the Jang, the tragic genocide, origin a mystery, revenge to the bald chicken – Panda Addict genocide that scene complete with two heavy days in the snow country Promise of wood are exactly the same! ! ! ”Kung Fu Panda 2″ you can guess the plot, but even if we can guess, you see still so cool. This is a good animated film. As animation, narrative fluency perfect! Also “The Promise” story, Chen Kaige you learn how people speak! Exactly what viewers want to see!

For some people the film is the evaluation of cultural invasion, I can not agree with – a nation’s cultural vitality if you want real, must be left to read other peoples freedom and space. Sometimes, a look at the eyes of Hollywood martial arts to learn about different people, “Kung Fu” understanding, nothing bad. Good culture is flowing at different points of view to understand the process of integration, only life. Chinese culture to the world, should not only rely on bricks and green tiles of the “heritage.”This Karate Kid, in the hearts of Chinese people and some dead, some foreigners are still so naive as to doing. They dream of doing this, what is wrong?

Well, in fact, a child, watching cartoons, we have not done so who dreams of kung fu hero?

I remember the cartoon is not black belly, no obscenity is too BL, no tangle of plot and complex value judgments. Hero worship much, good and evil on both sides separately; turn on the TV, we see the “Monkey King” and “Conquers” – the animation for us, just an orange, a warm dream. In this warm and dream, we all had such a dream world: a world where everyone has the skill. This world, we are big heroes.This world, we wine and song, windy life, some the greatest degree of freedom.

Unfortunately, we grow up, this dream will eventually wake up effort. We found that not only has the world’s My Darling Clementine, but human evil; the world not only with wine and song, there are eight subway every morning; poisoned not only the top five school, is also possible that Sanlu Dairy; poison Not only is Heding, is also possible that melamine – we grow up, even to see the animation are complex. Of those simple childhood hero, has long been left behind.

However, sometimes we do not want to see a re-intrigue, no preaching, no criticism of the film. We want to re-look at our childhood that simple, and Shangshanfae world.

cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2  is such a movie, let us re-do a warm dream. Cinema in the morning, I re-read a simple return to the big hero, re-do the animation in the warm childhood dream. Dream done, out of the cinema, think about the rise of house prices and prices remain high, think about tomorrow, still have to face life and work. Still worry. But at least, in the movie that more than 1 hour, I have been laughter, I thought it was a simple world, the heroes and freedom.

That’s enough. Five Star encouragement.

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cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2 film Derivatives product fashion shoulder bag

cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2 film Derivatives product fashion shoulder bag:

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Kung Fu Panda 2 stars

cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2 stars picture:

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DreamWorks to create drama version of “Kung Fu Panda” is still the highlight of Chinese elements

Read the  Cartoon Kung Fu Panda, right? Bird honest funny panda Bao brought joy to countless audiences laugh. Shot two films in a row, the Americans moving from the brain, it is necessary to the story and then made into a TV series Bao.

kung fu panda 2

kung fu panda 2

Plans to produce two quarters of each half-hour intensive

Last week, the U.S. cartoon people Landiduoer Mountain said in Shanghai, DreamWorks and Nickelodeon have launched a TV version of “Kung Fu Panda” in the first quarter, has been basically finished, this fall is expected to be broadcast in the United States, China probably next year. And our domestic drama set in accordance to calculate the number of different lengths, the United States are made into a play a few quarters for several quarters, each quarter the number of sets of different lengths. Landiduoer Mountain is the television series “Kung Fu Panda” animation director, he introduced the current television version of “Kung Fu Panda” plans to produce two quarters, quarterly 26 episodes of the series about half-hour film.

Story to fill the gap in two films before Bao war Peacock

TV version of “Kung Fu Panda” plays the “edge ball”, it’s the middle of the story on the two films, that is, Panda A Baocheng for “Dragon heroes” Soon after, face many challenges. In “Kung Fu Panda 2″ in martial arts and Shen Bao princes led K-fight, and life experience to understand the mystery. In the drama, the story took place in Bao peacock before World War II, it was shortly after it became heroes dragon, numerous tests to fill the gap between the two films, the whole story together and orderly manner.

China is still the element will highlight some villain

“Kung Fu Panda” series for the martial arts, Tai Chi and other Chinese elements of brilliant deduction, many Chinese audiences amazed, Dole Mountain said it should benefit more than the Chinese artists involved in film-making. He said the drama will follow the movie character set, “Chinese elements” will become the TV version of “Kung Fu Panda” a bright spot. In the movie “Kung Fu Panda 2″, by adding a lot of Chinese elements, and even creative staff also made a special trip to the Sichuan Qingcheng study, we in the film, in addition to seeing the creation of the Phoenix Qingchengshan outside, there are yin and yang, dragon lion, pictographic boxing, acupuncture, Chinese medicine and the rich texture of the Chinese countryside ink.Even the heroes home to open Dragon noodle shop, and he also sold Chinese-style steamed buns and other traditional snacks.

And the film played the China card, like the TV version of “Kung Fu Panda” there are many Chinese elements, will also be some new roles. It is said that these roles are villains, like Shenyang princes, as most of the kung fu greatness of Bao caused no small threat.

For the TV version of “cartoon Kung Fu Panda” We have too many expectations of users

1 original American TV

User “Tang Jieling”: Kung Fu Panda really want a TV yet? Movie I really did not see enough of it, American TV has always been my favorite, I hope this authentic drama can provide me with more stories Bao.

2. Fierce tiger and po love

Friends “little fish shrimp”: there are several second shot ah ~ They embrace the beginning of the boat when the fierce tiger to accompany Bao Jiao practice. Shen princes to their fire, when a fierce tiger pushed Jiao Bao. There is one final victory Bao back when Tiger was first defended Johnson shouted, “Bao”, and Bao first defended Johnson also holds the tiger, and hold her when she only hold a person, others are a few hold together ah! Jiao Bao and defended by a good looking tiger love Oh, and do not know the panda to give birth to a tiger out of what stuff? Haha!

3. Abao’s birth is

User “Civic”: 26 sets of TV series length should be about the mystery of Bao’s life experience of it, I hope there are many stories of his father and mother Bao.

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KungFu Panda2, genuine, the film sets around the sports bottle diagram Asia Children’s Day gift

DreamWorks cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2 released series derivatives, are all gifts channelsexclusively licensed the exclusive supplier, and terminal feedback through marketresearch, designed to ensure each product is unique, it is also able to meet customer needs gifts to share.

DreamWorks cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2 released series derivatives

DreamWorks cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2 released series derivatives

DreamWorks cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2 released series derivatives

DreamWorks cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2 released series derivatives

DreamWorks cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2 released series derivatives

DreamWorks cartoon Kung Fu Panda 2 released series derivatives

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Kung Fu Panda 2 white sports backpack

Kung Fu Panda 2 by the white power movement backpack Mary, canvas sports backpack about kung fu panda.

Kung Fu Panda 2 white sports backpack

Kung Fu Panda 2 white sports backpack zip

Kung Fu Panda 2 white sports backpack zip

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Kung Fu Panda 2 white sports backpack canvas Material

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Kung Fu Panda Pattern

Kung Fu Panda Pattern

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